New Forest 






Based in a workshop in the New Forest National Park, the area provides the perfect inspiration for designing and making beautiful chocolates and unique gifts.

Established in 2012, we are proud to be artisan producers of a delicious range of chocolates created to be a feast for all the senses. 

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Fresh ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible, are combined with quality couverture chocolate to make very visual and flavourful fresh chocolates. 


The chocolate is sustainably and ethically sourced, helping cocoa-growing communities and farmers to develop their own livelihoods and futures.

We are passionate about our business and really appreciate your interest and support. 

​Lizzie Skinner, Owner


Hale Market

Hale Village Hall by the village green

Third Saturday of each month



Our chocolates are handmade, using local ingredients when we can.  The chocolate we use is sustainably and ethically sourced and supports COCOA HORIZONS in the following ways:

  • The cocoa beans for our chocolate are bought as much as possible directly from farmer cooperatives. This way, the farmers earn a better price for their crop yields and can improve their livelihoods.

  • Part of the revenue of this chocolate is invested in training programmes for women in West Africa. These programmes empower women in turning their entrepreneurial dreams into real business and become successful cocoa farmers. In turn, these women-farmers become financially independent and can support their families better.

  • This chocolate empowers young people to make their entrepreneurial ambitions come true. They get access to training and tools to convert start-up cocoa farms into upscale farms and become the thriving farmers of tomorrow.